LED solutions Eataly Rome

Eataly’s recently opened new megastore in Rome, which occupies a total area of 16,000 m2 on four levels, has selected Philips lighting quality in order to create a distinctive in-store ambiance that combines overwhelmingly spectacular lighting effects with an ability to comply with energy-saving targets.

From the entrance, featuring large wall-to-ceiling windows, the lighting draws you further into the store, taking on a role that is not just purely functional but also an essential feature of the store’s identity, ensuring a perfect match between the quality of the range of gastronomic products on offer and its powers of attraction.

The combination of the latest highly efficient and functional solutions from Philips together with the tasteful styling of Luceplan’s “Made in Italy” design made it possible to create this top-quality interior in full compliance with the specific requirements of this major food mall chain that is dedicated to the quality of Italian food.

Oscar Farinetti ©RedTiger2012Eataly’s founder Oscar Farinetti on an italian sheep ©RedTiger2012

Videoshoot at Eataly in Rome, Italy.
crew Ruud Pelgrum, Joost Hoozemans, Martin de Pee & Marije Berghuis, editor Kim Hinrichs.