In Extase

If you ever wondered why every weekend thousands of people love to dance for hours and hours on end – and then go to an after party to dance some more: so did Dutch director Ruud Pelgrum.

When his daughter was 15 years old he was annoyed by the music she listened to – and danced to. He felt it was ‘mindless music, or rather just monotonous beats’. Yet, once he started exploring this so called Dance music, he too felt its attraction.

Pelgrum and his crew started interviewing DJ’s, learning about the ways they compose their tracks and play Dance music live on stage, and he researched how Dance music could get people into a state of trance. For three years they visited clubs and festivals, shooting hours of unique up-close-and-personal footage.

‘In Extase’ (‘In Ecstacy’) takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of Dance music. House, Techno, Hardcore, Trance, from the underground scene in a squatter’s village to the immense Amsterdam Arena filled with 40,000 people all dressed in white, you’ll get the ultimate insider’s experience.

And after watching this 65 minutes movie-meets-documentary you might just find yourself looking for a party too. Want to visit the website and buy a DVD/Blu-ray?

In Extase filmposter
Filmposter design by senior Art Director Patrick Heerdink


Octocoper Eva Ruud
Shooting the final scene with RED camera and octocopter by Airfilmproductions

Here are some filmstills for you to enjoy!