Toffee Factory New Castle upon Tyne

A 3 minute video about the Toffee Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne and it’s surroundings, to show how lighting has made a city a better/safer/nicer place to live and work, an old factory turned into high end office spaces for creative businesses. By showing people in the city an around The Toffee Factory we create a story of a comfortable, living/working in and around an old (part of the) city.These are the ingredients of the movie and have to be put together in a natural order to get a movie with a comfortable flow.

toffee factory

Marije Toffeefactory
Videoshoot at Toffee Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.
crew Ruud Pelgrum, Joost Hoozemans, Martin de Pee & Marije Berghuis, editor Kim Hinrichs.