Maternityward NordSjaellands Hospital

A 3 minute video to show how a maternity ward is developed by collaboration between Philips Lighting, Wavecare and the Nordsjællands hospital in Hillerod Denmark using the Philips Luminous Textile panels. Feature all people involved (artist, midwife etc.), a couple that will use the delivery room and a couple that has used the room and had their baby in the room.The video focuses on the collaboration with the different stakeholders and have the experience of the users mixed in, giving the stories of artist, head of ward substance.

maternity2 Philips LED solutions Maternityward Nordsjeallands Hospital Hillerod
Filmshoot at Wavecare, Bjørn Wennerwalds studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.
crew Ruud Pelgrum, Joost Hoozemans, Martin de Pee & Marije Berghuis, editor Kim Hinrichs.